We've been working together on projects since 2015, where we collaborated on a Welcome to Night Vale fanmade podcast, Night Unvaled. Since then, we've honed our skills and grown closer as friends, to the point where we're proud to present ourselves as creative partners. Whether we're working on our own projects or collaborating, we're eager to support each other and other creators.

Viktor Love [He/Him] is a Swiss-American creator with a keen interest in what makes us human, and has a small theory that it might be storytelling. He grew up in rural North Idaho with frequent visits to his motherland of Switzerland, gaining an appreciation for local folklore and the high mountain ranges. He currently lives in Eugene, Oregon, where he studies anthropology, pre-medicine, and computer science. When his studies allow, he enjoys researching regional cryptids, considering speculative biology, and thinking about space exploration. These are also the main inspirations behind his main projects, Moirai Oscillation (webcomic), the Shadowfell Duology (novels), and Atrial Shatter (interactive fiction.)

Marus J. [He/Him] is a queer writer based out of Texas. Inspired by childhood Choose Your Own Adventure books with grim and bloody endings, his works primarily headline themes about horror and the occult.